Whatever the challenge

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to our ongoing concern to increase shareholders’ value and equity, we commit ourselves to building, developing and enriching the community where we operate. CPC takes an active role in positively contributing to the local community by undertaking several initiatives which aim to improve the community’s well-being and social welfare. An example of this is El-Saff area located on the eastern side of the Nile river bank. El-Saff was an unprivileged area with minimal employment opportunities. CPC’s newly established operations facilities have revived the economic and industrial development of that area, offering job opportunities for its residents. We also work with social institutions such as orphanages. We offer them many benefits, encourage them to work in teams and to develop their skills. We collaborate with them to produce the uniforms of our workers and employees in laboratories, factories and farms. Further, CPC has a wide range of educational programs offering summer training, PHD degree and Master’s degree programs and scholarships. Other initiatives include assisting the Ministry of Agriculture, allowing them to use CPC’s faculties and farms and finance the Research & Development activities and projects. We also collaborate with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture to develop testing farms. CPC plans to continuously pursue its goal in community development.

CPC’s chicken raising facilities are the best in the region.
We implement extensive hygiene procedures one month before new flocks arrive at our broiler farms. During the 32 to 36 days rearing period the chickens undergo continuous veterinary inspections, as well as stringent checks for quality control.
At the slaughterhouse, high-tech machinery –operating at full sustainable capacity – processes more than 2 million birds per week.
The chickens are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Whole frozen chickens are packed in boxes to be delivered to the market, whilst those selected for other cuts are moved to another line for further preparation,
We are ever concerned for the safety of our production and the health of our consumers and we ensure that all our chicken products are free from antibiotics and other biologics.

We are ever concerned for the safety of our production and the health of our consumers