Whatever the challenge

Fried or Grilled?

Everybody loves chicken – it’s appetizing and convenient, and can be made in a wide variety of simple or complex ways. Whatever the cut or cooking method, with CPC on your plate, you are guaranteed the highest possible level of quality.
CPC are the exclusive supplier for major multinational fast food chains. For example, we provide Kentucky Fried Chicken’s special nine-cut products. In addition, we market our own popular KOKI brand, well known as a brand of excellence, safety and security. We also supply the Multi National Forces and are approved suppliers for the US Army in the Gulf region.
CPC stands for quality, reinforced by a powerful distribution network and healthy advertising and promotion programs. CPC has also been developing an aggressive export strategy to market its healthy, fully integrated product line region wide.
To capture even more market share, CPC is always launching new and innovative chicken products that also capitalize on our competitive edge.