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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is the key to a company’s success. It involves a corporation’s commitment to operating with a strict code of conduct. CPC’s corporate governance ensures that we are operating with a high level of integrity. We adopt policies that emphasize accountability, fairness and transparency. This is reflected in having the majority of our board members as non-executive committee members, and informing an audit committee that supports the board in fulfilling its role. The audit committee abides by a set of policies that represent CPC’s Audit Committee Charter, one which the committee reviews and assesses annually. The audit committee is empowered with the authority to conduct or authorize investigations into any matters within its scope of responsibilities. These responsibilities entail reviewing significant accounting and reporting issues and examine their impact on the financial statements, overseeing the internal and external audit processes - ensuring that efforts are coordinated and audit resources are utilized effectively - verifying company’s compliance with laws and regulations, as well as other reporting responsibilities.