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Feed Production and Trading

CPC emphasizes the importance of nutrition on the quality of chicken. Therefore, we produce our own feed; a healthy mix of yellow corn, soya meal and premix concentrates, entirely free from animal ingredients. Feed production is complemented by feed ingredient trading that supplies the group with the required yellow corn and soya meal as well as other feed ingredients, not only that but also provides the market with the same ingredients.

Starch & Glucose

The Egyptian Company for Starch and Glucose was established in 1963 as a public company. It was transferred to a joint stock company in 1996 to operate under the provisions of Law no.159 for the purpose of manufacturing starch and glucose as well as corn oil and animal feed material. Starch & Glucose division operates two plants, in Mostorod and Torah areas in Cairo.
Total production capacity is 100,000 tons per annum, of which 65% are main products – starch and glucose – and 35% are by-products – corn oil and animal feed.
Production of starch and glucose is dependant on yellow corn. The increasing exports of final products will allow gradual mitigation of foreign exchange risk.

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Transportation and fleet

CPC possess a complete and secure transportation system from the port to its factories.


We are the sole agent for one-day-old grandparent chicks from Hubbard, Arbor Acers and Flex – the world’s leading grandparent breeders. In fact, CPC was the first company in Egypt to introduce the grand parenting concept.
Grandparent operations are a sophisticated science requiring strict quality control standards and special technical skills. Hygiene is a top priority, with daily quality checks on chicken feed ingredients, in addition to constant monitoring of the birds for salmonella, microbes and bacteria – all as ways of insuring that the flock is up to international standards.


CPC is a major producer in the production of one-day-old broiler chicks. The parent operation involves raising parent stock for the production of hatching eggs, which produce in turn one-day-old broiler chicks, for sale to the market or rearing within our own broiler operation. Parent chicks are reared for about 24 weeks, and undergo two careful selection and inspection processes.
CPC’s market share has increased, thanks to the partial acquisition of parent farms from a public sector company. After renovations and upgrading, CPC has become an even larger player in the region’s parent operations. Every aspect of the operation is very closely monitored to ensure that everything we produce represents the highest quality in the market. To further expand its market share, CPC has invested in new parent farms in Regwa complex.


CPC’s hatchery operation complements our farms production. The one-day-old parent chicks are vaccinated at birth and delivered with certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture. They represent the next generation of healthy chickens produced in the market. We are also involved in hatchery production of one-day-old broilers, as well as broiler raising, with our output going to both the slaughterhouse and the market.


The broiler business involves hatchery production of one day old broilers which come from vaccinated, certified -from the Ministry of Agriculture- parent chicks. These broilers are reared within our broiler operations and are sold to the market or delivered to our slaughterhouse.