Whatever the challenge

CPC’s Core Values


We created our markets, and we set the rules of the game. Our flagship brands have set industry benchmarks from day one, and they continue to deliver outstanding quality and value.


We like to think the industry is where it is today because of our own revolutionary philosophy. We’ve always been proud of our efforts to transform the markets in which we operate, and CPC has always been the first to introduce cutting edge technologies right across its business portfolio.

Vertical Integration

There are few players today that can claim to have a firm grip on nearly all aspects of the industry in which they operate. But with majority interests in breeding, processing, distribution and marketing, we’ve closed the circle on ourselves, driving down costs and increasing productivity.

Clear Vision

As established market leaders, we keep a close eye on future prospects and capitalize on them with perfect timing. With over 30 years of experience in the food business behind us, we continue making bold moves into untapped markets.